Shown at the 2017 Iowa State Fair

He is Fisher 17-14. He sold at the Midwest Stud Sale in Sedalia. He placed 5th in the January Ram Lamb Class.
Sired by The Ream Ram (POWER) that was so popular at Sedalia last year.


This ram placed 4th in the February Ram Lamb Class at the Midwest Stud Sale in Sedalia. He is Fisher 17-15.
Sired by The Ream Ram (POWER) that was so popular at Sedalia last year.

Both lambs received positive statements by the buyers and were popular choices. We had 75% ram lambs this past winter; so we still have a quality group to choose from.
These rams are bred the same way from Bruns daughters, Orwick daughters and Quam daughters. All are RR/NN. These matings surpassed our expectations in quality and uniformity.
We are excited about our ewe lambs as well from this mating.



Ewes bred like these yearlings will be offered for sale.

Consistently Competitive: We are proud of our placing in competition at some of the strongest shows in the country. This emphasizes our belief that lambs should express continued growth and develop into yearlings that meet our philosophy of what a breeding sheep should be. These 3 yearlings support this aspect of our breeding program.


What a great day at the 2012 Midwest Stud Ram Sale!

2012 National Reserve Champion Ram 2nd Place Yearling Ewe, Class II
Thank you to these buyers who supported our line bred program at Sedalia
Jarvis Sheep Company and J & A Phillips Ranch UT
James Van Dyke SD
Hafer Family Suffolks NE
Luke Schultz IL
Check out our breeding program. Get a piece of the action...Sheep bred like these are available for sale at private treaty.

The Answer

The Choice
Congratulations to our granddaughter on her showing in Louisville in the Junior Suffolk
Show and the NAILE Open Show under two different judges.

Her ram lamb placed 3rd in the NAILE Junior Show and won his class in the Open Show.
We received several comments about his frame, bone, and excelled growth.
He stands 42 inches at the shoulders and shows no sign of slowing.

Her ewe lamb placed 5th in the NAILE Jr. Show and placed 3rd in the Suffolk Open Show.
She is correct, stylish, and is developing into the kind of ewe we would consider a stud ewe.
Watch for her at the shows in 2012.
3rd Place – Yearling Ewe 3rd Place – Ram Lamb 5th Place Ewe Lamb
All sired by “Affirm” Orwick 1204. Watch for more exciting lambs from this Affirm and 2 of his best ram lambs!

Jan class winning ewe lamb
2011 Iowa State Fair
This winning ewe lamb went on to win Reserve Champion Junior ewe lamb at the Open class show @Iowa State Fair and Grand Champion Ewe at the Iowa Suffolk Junior Show at the Iowa State Fair. Congratulations to Amber Hammes on her great showing of this stylish ewe lamb. Watch for them in 2012...there is more to come. She is sired by MY WAY. The best news is there are many more females like her. Flash!! this young female is going to Louisville.

2nd place Class 2 yearling ram
2011 Iowa State Fair Open show

February Ram
2011 Iowa State Fair
Watch for him in 2012!!

4th place January Ram Lamb
2011 Iowa State Fair
Shown by Amber Hammes. He is big and has shown no sign of slowing down. If you need size, bone, and length along with volume and total pounds this is the ram for you. He is for sale at private treaty.

Classy Lady 
Fisher 08-16

1st Place Yearling Ewe - Class 1
2009 Iowa State Fair
This ewe was young and fresh for her debut.
Placed 5th in a strong yearling class in Louisville, which produced the Champion Ewe.
 She has design and class to burn.
She is bred to TSAR Peter the Great. (expecting twins)

Fisher 08-12

Reserve Champion Sr. Sale Ram
2009 Iowa Hawkeye Sale
Thanks to Chris Jamison Family for their purchase.
Fisher 08-24
3rd Place Yearling Ram Class 2
2009 Iowa State Fair

  Fisher 08-01

Reserve Champion Suffolk Ewe
2009 Iowa State Fair 4-H Show

Fisher 09-05

Class Winning Ewe Lamb
2009 Iowa State Fair 4-H Show

  Congratulations Amber Hammes on her Reserve Champion Suffolk Ewe & Class Winning
Ewe Lamb at the 2009 Iowa State Fair 4-H Show. Bred by Fisher Suffolks.
Her yearling ewe placed 4th in the Louisville Jr. Suffolk Show!!


Fisher 05-20

Reserve Champion Ram
2006 Iowa Hawkeye Sales


Fisher 05-32

3rd Place Yearling Ewe
2006 Iowa State Fair

Fisher 05-01

6th Place Yearling Ewe
2006 Iowa State Fair

2nd Yearling Ram Class 1
2005 Iowa State Fair

3rd Yearling Ram
2005 Midwest Stud Ram Sale


"White Hot Ace" Sons
7th in Classes I & II
Sedalia 2004


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